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Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment are specialists in powerful and robust chewing gum removal machines and graffiti cleaning units that deliver proven results. Our range of machines come in a number of different options, allowing you to pick the perfect machine for the job at hand. 

What's more, our machines don't need a direct power supply, meaning they can be used across a whole host of environments, from schools to business premises, to large stadiums and music venues. If you're a council looking to upgrade your current machines, why not contact our friendly sales team to talk over your needs.

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Chewing Gum Removal FAQ's

Have you got a question regarding our line of chewing gum removal machines? We answer some of most frequently asked questions below!


If you still need to find an answer to your question, contact our friendly sales team who can help you through the process of purchasing one of our machines!


How do I remove chewing gum?

Our machines are specifically designed to remove chewing gum from surfaces like pavements and walls. Gum will be removed depending on the machine you purchase or hire, for example, our Self-Contained Mobile gum removal trailer is chemical-free and uses a steam generator, providing steam up to 150°C under a variable controlled pressure up to 2950psi (200 Bar). Machines like this are powered by a diesel engine, meaning you can use them away from sources of electricity. It simply heats the gum which can then be removed easily with little manual labour.

If you're interested in a free demonstration of one of our machines, you can call our sales team who will talk you through the process and organise a time that suits you. We also offer finance and leasing options on certain machines if you are looking to move ahead with the purchase. Once this is done, our machines will come to you pre-assembled, tested, and pre-run by our engineers before leaving the workshop for dispatch or delivery by your salesman.

What are the methods of chewing gum removal?

There are many different ways you can remove chewing gum from surfaces, but Trafalgar Cleaning provides you with two of the best methods for gum removal; dry steam and pressure washing.

Dry Steam

By superheating water to create a powerful jet of dry steam, you can easily and effectively remove gum from a whole range of surfaces. There is also the added bonus of not needing to use any harsh chemicals, which can be especially good when using a machine in a municipal setting, for example a school playground or public walkways.

Pressure Washing

Much like dry steam washing, pressure washing is the act of using either cold or hot water to power away gum from surfaces like pavements or seating, using both heat and force. Many machines will give you the option to set the pressure and temperature, allowing you to tackle any job, whether in a municipal or personal setting. Our machines are especially good for use across large areas like pavements, school and even sport stadiums, as they don’t rely on a nearby power source to make them run.

What are dry steam removal machines?

Dry steam removal machines use a pressure steam boiler to superheat water, sending out a stream of dry steam to remove hardened grime like gum or graffiti. They are especially useful in municipal settings where there is a large amount of hardened grime, for example in stadiums or shopping malls.

Where can I use chewing gum removal machines?

As our machines are powered by diesel engines or batteries, they can be used in any setting where you need to complete a job. For example, the DiBO JMB-S/S+ High Pressure Trailer is compact and equipped with the latest and greenest technologies, and is installed with a 70 kW DiBO GreenBoiler offering 18% fuel savings. It’s easy to use and can be taken to almost any job around the city.

Do I need a power or water supply for the chewing gum removal machine to work?

No, our machines are powered by diesel engines, meaning they only need to be topped up with fuel before use and then they’re ready to go! The amount of fuel is dependent on the machine, so be sure to check this before use.



The machines we sell are also available for short and long term hire. Contact us with your requirements and one of our sales team will be happy to advise.


Because we understand that each site application is different from the next, we invite you to put them to the test directly within your own working environment.

Graffiti Removal Cleaners FAQ's

Have you got any questions regarding our line of graffiti removal cleaners? We answer some of most frequently asked questions below!

Can't find the answer to your question? Contact our friendly sales team who will answer any of your questions and talk you through the whole process!


Will a power washer remove graffiti?

Our pressure washers are extremely powerful, offering high pressure in often very compact models. For example, the DiBO pressure washer trailer is an ultra-compact mobile hot water high pressure cleaner that provides both an attractive appearance and ease-of-use. Our Karcher HDS trailers also offer a powerful engine and large water tank, meaning you won’t run out of water on jobs around the city.

Who is responsible for removing graffiti?

There are different rules for different councils, but the general consensus is that if the graffiti occurs on public or council property, the council are responsible for the cleaning and removal of any graffiti. If it were to occur on private property or business premises, this is, unfortunately, your responsibility.

If you are a local council looking to purchase a graffiti removal machine, browse our collection of machines and don’t hesitate to call our friendly sales team who will give you further information on our product range and payment options.

What is the best way to remove graffiti from brick?

Graffiti can be extremely difficult to remove from brick, as it can often be absorbed into its porous surface, meaning it can be difficult to simply scrub or wipe off. Instead, using our removal machines will ensure better removal of graffiti. For example, our Self-Contained Mobile Steam Cleaner Trailer can heat steam up to 150°C under a variable controlled pressure of up to 2950psi (200 Bar), making light work of any graffiti on brick walls or buildings.

Why not watch some of the videos of our machines that show them in action, easily blasting away graffiti from walls. Our machines are perfect for municipal settings, so be sure to call our friendly sales team to find out more information about our range.

Can I hire machines for graffiti removal?

Most of the machines listed on our website are available for hire, and those within our graffiti removal category are no exception. If you’d like more information on how our hiring service works, including pricing and hire contracts, visit our Machine Hire page and contact our sales team, who will walk you through the whole process.

Do I need a power or water supply for the graffiti removal machine to work?

No, our machines are powered by diesel engines, giving you a powerful but compact machine. Just ensure that you have enough fuel for the job at hand and you’re ready to do. Be sure to check the brochure and with the salesman as to how much fuel you will need to power the machine you’re purchasing.

The Trafalgar Dry Steam Gum Removal System is a self-contained gum removal machine available in either 110v or 240v incorporating an 8 bar pressure steam boiler.

Gum & Graffiti - Single Axle Trailer Unit. These units are designed to clean where neither power nor a water supply is available.

We offer two types of hot water pressure washer trailers; Karcher and DiBO units that offer reliability and robust power.

The Trafalgar Van Mount unit is the ideal solution for removing gum, graffiti, street cleaning and many other industrial cleaning applications.