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Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment has invented a new concept in paddock cleaning to make yard and paddock clearing a more enjoyable task. The Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner is the original paddock cleaner vacuum providing an easy way to pick up your animal Poo. Being the original inventors of the Paddock Cleaner we stock all replacement hoses and accessories to buy online.

High Performance Paddock Cleaner Vacuums

Paddock Cleaner Vacuums

Paddock Cleaner Vacuums

See the full Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner range and choose the model right for your paddock and yard.

Paddock Cleaner Hoses & Accessories

Paddock Cleaner Hoses & Accessories

Buy new hoses and accessories for your Paddock Cleaner to keep it in the best condition for longer life.

Paddock Cleaner Servicing & Repairs

As all mechanical machines and in particular work-horses like the Paddock Cleaner they all need a little love, care and attention from time to time. Our full service and repair workshop and engineers are on hand to help in those situations. Call 01403 273 444 to book in your service or repair.

Why use a Paddock Cleaner?

Clearing Paddocks Yards and Stables couldn't be any quicker or easier with a Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner!

The unique clean fan paddock vacuum system enables you to suck horse poo, alpaca droppings, dog faeces, poultry and game shed bedding, shotgun cartridges, spent clays, garden waste, wood shavings, sawdust, shredded paper, acorns, conkers, chestnuts and general litter. It can also suck up leaves from a gravel driveway without sucking up the stones (just adjust the engine revs accordingly) and can even be used for cleaning out the bottom of water troughs and ponds.

Call 01403 273 444 and speak to one of our Paddock Cleaner experts.

Paddock Maintenance

The key to healthy horses and clean paddocks is through good pasture management.

.Manure contaminated with parasite eggs is the most common way in which worms re-infect your horse's environment. Exposing your horse to the minimum amount of manure is the best way of reducing, if not eliminating harmful parasites. The early lifecycle of most internal parasites involves eggs and larvae which are dropped onto the ground in the poop by an infected horse which could end up infecting other horses when grazing in the fields. 

Picking up droppings as often as possible using the Paddock Cleaner will reduce the number of parasites and encourage the horses to eat from the whole of the field reducing selective grazing. The 'Trafalgar Clean Fan Paddock Cleaner System' sucks the droppings straight into the collection tub via a 5-inch diameter hose. The fan is located on the outside of the Paddock Cleaner and has a filter sock positioned inside the vacuum to stop any manure or other debris from causing damage to the paddock cleaner. The Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner will work in all weather conditions and on wet and dry poo.

The Trafalgar Paddock Cleaners can also be used to clean out water troughs, muck out the stables as well as cleaning up loose hay where the hay nets are filled for example. Mucking out your horses regularly with a Paddock Cleaner vacuum will help eliminate the risks of infection in confined areas. 

Poo picking your pastures regularly is the most effective way of reducing any horse's parasite problem. The Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner vacuums are a huge help with this arduous task, especially in large fields. the trafalgar Paddock Cleaner is quicker, easier, and more efficient at poo picking when compared to manual back breaking, time consuming methods such as the shovel and wheelbarrow! Good paddock cleaning helps reduce the risk of infection and contributes to a low worm count. If you're not sure of the worm situation, it is best to consult a veterinary surgeon.

Paddock Cleaner Videos

See our Paddock Cleaners in action here out in the fields doing what they do best, picking poo! Here we have demo's of the Paddock Cleaner PC50 - PC500H - PC1000H & PC450H POWER. For more information or to arrange a free demonstration of a Paddock Cleaner please use the short form below.

Paddock and stable clearing just couldn't be quicker or easier!

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