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Municipal Bin Washing Machine

This fully self contained machine includes a bespoke water tank and pressure washer and comes complete with an EC Certificate of Conformity for complete vehicles and is built by an ISO9001 Company and is manufactured in compliance with the Machinery Directive.

Professional Wheelie Bin Washing Machine

Our bin washing machine allows for quick and thorough cleaning. The system allows for washing and draining at the same time, ensuring easy use.


Municipal Bin Wash

Comes complete with an EC Certificate of Conformity and is manufactured in compliance with the Machinery Directive

This is a fully self contained bin wash machine, which includes a bespoke water tank and pressure washer. It comes complete with an EC Certificate of Conformity for complete vehicles and is built by an ISO9001 Company and is manufactured in compliance with the Machinery Directive. It’s also approved by the National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers and is a winner of a prestigious Green Apple Award from the Green Organisation.

The Bin Washing Machine allows you to wash bins legally as the wash water is recaptured and recycled. It will allow you to work within a framework set out by the Environment Agency, Local Councils and Water Providers to ensure an environmentally safe procedure. Fines of up to £20,000 can be levied where polluted water enters the fresh water drainage system i.e. roadside drains.

How Does It Work

With our trailer system all you have to do is hook the bin/s onto the lift at the rear of the trailer, press the lift button to operate the lift and the bin/s are in position to be washed in seconds with minimal time & effort taken.

Our system enables you wash and drain the bin at the same time, unlike pickup truck based systems where this is a seperate process. Another advantage of the trailer machine is that it can be used as a static machine without tying up a vehicle in the process.

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Trafalgar Bin Wash System


  • Tow hitch and axle rated to 1300KG to provide a stable towing platform. The machine actually weighs no more than 750KG when filled with the correct amount of water
  • Galvanised chassis for long service life
  • Effortless, one-finger operated two bin lifting mechanism
  • Steep lift-tipping angle for easy removal of left-over waste material and draining of wash water.
  • Can lift two domestic or one commercial containers up to 1280 Litres.
  • Can lift containers with roll-top lids and flip up lids.
  • Choice of electric start Honda engines, Yanmar Diesel engines or 3 phase electric motors (standard fit is a 9hp electric start Honda engine paired to a 16 litre per minute 3000 psi Interpump water pump).
  • Fitted with a heavy duty deep cycle battery.
  • Powerful water pump with long reach wash lance.
  • Washing process of 10-30 seconds for a domestic container on a maintenance cycle.
  • Bespoke Black plastic water tank stops sunlight and helps to keep water fresher for longer. Built in filtration system.
  • Flat water tank design (baffled) for a low centre of gravity, vehicle stability and ease of cleaning (all internal surfaces are easily reached by hand for cleaning).
  • Multistage water filtration and re-cycle system.
  • Frost protection system.
  • Reliable and long lasting lighting pack which includes safety beacon & front marker lights for increased safety ,visibility and conformity to certain export markets.
  • Very low day-to-day running costs of approximately £1.50.
  • Separate freshwater inlet for direct connection to an external water supply if needed.
  • Can also be used for hard surface cleaning such as driveways, walkways, patios, vehicles etc, etc.

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