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TRAFALGAR VAN MOUNT - Van Mounted Gum & Graffiti Removal Unit

The Trafalgar Van Mount unit is the ideal solution for removing gum, graffiti, street cleaning and many other industrial cleaning applications. The onboard tools are completely self-contained and 100% mobile and is the quietest in its class making it perfect for working in residential areas.


Trafalgar Van Mount

Trafalgar Van Mounted Gum & Graffiti Removal Unit: Standard Unit Conversion 

Image shows the Van-Mount's unique Rear Wet Compartment housing a Kärcher HDS 1000 DE Pressure Washer, and Front Dry Compartment for onboard tools and storage.

Remove stubborn chewing gum, graffiti and street grime from our city streets  with The Trafalgar Van-Mounted Gum & Graffiti Removal Unit  

Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment has developed a quiet, unobtrusive and low maintenance solution to combat gum and graffiti removal that is the quietest in its class making it perfect for local authorities, agriculture, plant hire and contract cleaners working in residential areas, shopping malls, park areas and remote areas.  

The Trafalgar Van Mount is the ideal cleaning solution for removing chewing gum and graffiti from our city streets and pavements on an industrial scale. Along with its core features for gum and graffiti removal the Van-Mount is also the ideal solution for cleaning down the grime on our streets and pavements in city and urban areas that require industrial cleaning.  

The Trafalgar Van Mount comes with its own on-board tools that are self-contained within the vehicle and is 100% mobile for inaccessible and hard to clean areas.  

Fitted with a powerful and robust hot water pressure washer that cuts through gum, graffiti and street grime like butter! 

Each vehicle is fitted with our recommended best of class powerful and robust hot water pressure washer cleaner. These are diesel fuelled hot water high pressure washer cleaners built with sturdy tubular frames that feature electric starter which has the engine running in seconds. 


  • Operated with doors shut, reducing noise to a minimum  

  • Fully self contained, fill up with water & diesel and go 

  • Up to 2.5 hours - with the option for continual use 

  • Ergonomically designed storage for ancillary equipment 

  • Up to 90m of high pressure hose 

  • Fully waterproof and sealed to increase the life of the vehicle 

TRAFALGAR VAN-MOUNTSelf-Contained Mobile Steam Cleaner (SCMSC)

All Van Mounted vehicles are fitted with a Kärcher HDS 1000 DE high steam pressure washing unit with up to 3000psi working pressure to tackle even the toughest gum, graffiti, or traffic grime with temperatures from cold to 150C for hot steam washing.  

The Van Mount has an onboard baffled water tank allowing up to 4 hours constant use, twin lances for dual operation attached to up to 90m of high pressure hose reels. The unit has its own unique exhaust extraction and cooling vent/fan system to keep the vehicle clear of any fumes exuded from the onboard Kärcher 1000 DE diesel pressure washer unit.  

The van is divided into two sections, the rear section housing the Kärcher 1000 DE high pressure washer unit and water tank, and the front section that accommodates for the operators with storage cabinets, hand wash facilities and first aid kit, along with any accessories like surface cleaners etc.  

To provide a tough interior all our vehicles are Speedlined for durability and safety. The Van Mount is capable of meeting all your cleaning needs especially in local authorities, agriculture, plant hire and contract cleaning. 

Built to suit your requirements 

The customer leads the design on all of our conversions. Let us build a vehicle specifically to your requirements. We can fit-out most types of vehicle, subject to them having the correct payload, please contact our dedicated sales team for further information. 

Most common vehicle used 

We have many years of experience converting commercial vehicles into our unique Van Mounts for commercial use. The following units are a firm favourite among city councils and private cleaning companies alike. 

  • Ford transit MWB medium roof T350. 

  • We can fit any type of vehicle, subject to them having the correct payload (Contact our expert sales team for further information). 

  • All vehicle conversions are weighed prior to them leaving the building, Certification provided. 

*Weights (approx.): Unladen: 408kg | Laden: 1098kg 

Ideal for removing chewing gum, graffiti, fly posters, street and pavement washing, park areas and much more

  • Variable Temperature 

  • Pavement Cleaning at up to 100SqM per hour 

  • Low Water Consumption 

  • Galvanised Trailer 

  • Self Retracting Hose Reel 

  • Low Noise 

  • A Range of Accessories to complete many different tasks 

  • Thiefbeater Security System (Optional) 

Front & Rear Compartment Wet & Dry Sections


Front Compartment (Dry Section)
  1. Whole compartment sprayed with this hard epoxy resin coating to waterproof and protect vehicle from interior rusting and and damage.
  2. Fire Extinguisher
  3. Hot Hand Wash
  4. Eye Wash & First Aid Kit
  5. Strip Lighting
  6. Manual Fletner
  7. Vehicle Overload Protection System (This device provides both audio and visual warnings of the vehicles current weight. Not only will it indicate an overall overload, it will also indicate if either axel is over weight.)
  8. 18" Rotary Floor Tool (Ideal for flat surface cleaning.)
  9. Compartmented Storage
  10. Chemical Storage Cabinet
Font Compartment
Rear Compartment (Wet Section)
  1. 650 Litre Baffled Water Tank (Fitted with ball cock system that prevents overflowing.) 
  2. Karcher HDS 1000 DE Hot Pressure Washer 
  3. 30 Metre Retractable Hose Reel (Additional hose can be added, up to an extra 60 metres.) 
  4. Electric Fletner (Comes on automatically with the steam unit to vent away unwanted fumes.) 
  5. Fire Extinguisher 
  6. Flue for Burner Unit 
  7. Drain for Water Tank & Driptray 
  8. Filling Point for Water Tank 
  9. Flashing Strobe Beacon 
  10. Rear Door Outlet for Hose (This allows the unit to be operated with the door closed, helping reduce noise and increase security.) 
  11. Waterproof Epoxy Resin Coating 
  12. Ventilation for Generator Exhaust 
  13. Water Filter (All water from the unit passes through this.)
  14. Hydrant Filling Adaptor



    Rear Compartment




      Request a free on-site demo of the Van Mount. Call 01403 273 444 and speak to an expert..


      See the Van-Mount operating in these short video's ►



      Trafalgar Van Mount with IONIC FOAMION Reach & Wash System

      Trafalgar Van-Mount Standard Build

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      Discover more


      A range of vehicles that can be tailored to your exact specification. these units are a firm favourite among city councils and private cleaning companies alike...

      Engine powered hot and cold pressure washing units with water tanks and hose reels. Up to 3000 psi working pressure - Temperatures from cold to 150C - On board baffled tanks - Twinn lance operation - Hose reels - Exhaust extraction and cooling vents/fans - Storage cabinets - Hand wash sink - Speedlined interiors for durability and saftey.

      Self-Contained Mobile Steam Cleaner

      These units are designed to clean where neither power nor a water supply is available. They are mounted into the rear of a vehicle. There is a baffled water tank allowing up to 4 hours constant use. The steam generator is driven by either a diesel or petrol engine fitted with electric start and easy to use control panel. It can provide cold and hot water, and steam up to 150°C under a variable controlled pressure up to 2950psi (200 bar). This machine is capable of meeting all your cleaning needs especially in local authorities, agriculture, plant hire and contract cleaning.


      • Variable Pressure
      • Variable Temperature
      • Pavement Cleaning at up to 100SqM per hour
      • Low Water Consumption
      • Galvanised Trailer
      • Self Retracting Hose Reel
      • Low Noise
      • A Range of Accessories to complete many different tasks
      • Thiefbeater Security System (Optional)

      Call 01403 273 444 for more details and to speak to one of our sales team.


      PDF Brochure Download

      PDF Brochure Download


      Arrange a on-site survey and demonstration

      The next step is to contact our sales team who will arrange a mutually convenient time for a demonstration on your site and application area you would like to test it on. 

      Call 01403 273 444 to speak to one of our sales team 


      Manage your business through finance and leasing option.

      Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment offers flexible leasing options for financing products. Get in touch and we will advise you free of charge and without obligation. We are your reliable partner when it comes to leasing that is individually tailored to suit your needs. 

      Good reasons for lease financing:

      Invest without using company capital

      You do not have to use any capital that you need for your own resources to purchase your new equipment. This gives you more room for manoeuvre in your business.

      Earn more by leasing

      Generate profit without using company capital. There's no better way to make money. What are you waiting for?

      No need to go to your bank

      Invest without having to commit to a bank loan. Your securities will remain available for other financing projects*.

      Safe and manageable

      Lease instalments remain the same for the entire term of the lease. This gives you a clear planning structure.

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      All of the machines we sell come with a warranty, please ask your salesman for more details. We also offer service contracts on all of the machines we sell, please discuss this with your salesman at the time of purchase for more details and prices. Maintenance of your machine will be imperative to the machines longevity in service, so regular maintenance and servicing of your machine is always recommended.


      All of the machines we sell are pre-assembled, tested, and pre-run by our engineers before leaving the workshop for dispatch or delivery by your salesman. We do this so that when you receive your machine it is ready to go. Some of our machines do require onsite training and this will be explained and arranged if required at the time of sale by your salesman who will provide you with the required training to operate your new machine.


      1-3 Working Days Delivery
      on all orders 

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      for Expert Advice and Support