Billy Goat Leaf & Litter Collection

Billy Goat Leaf & Litter Vacuum Collectors are probably the most popular units of there type on sale today. The range is split into three simple categories;

Billy Goat KV Range - Domestic Leaf Vacuum Collectors.
Billy Goat MV Range - Commercial and Council Leaf & Litter Vacuum Collectors.
Billy Goat QV Range - Commercial Leaf & Litter Vacuum Collectors for dusty environments where noise is an is an issue.

All Billy Goat machines have various different types of armour plated steel fans that are spun up by a range of engine choices to create large amounts of suction. Leaf and litter debris is then sucked through the fan which in turn has a mulching effect and deposited in a bag that makes disposal easy. The Billy Goat range have units that are both propelled and self propelled.


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  1. Billy Goat KV601 Lawn and Litter Vacuum

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