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Platz-Max Arena Levellers for professional riding surface care

Everywhere in the world the technology of the Platz-Max® riding arena leveller works and is therefore a success all over the world. The model series is the result of 15 years of development. Due to the close contact of the riding facilities with their different requirements, we were able to develop a device that meets the requirements of optimal riding surface care. Individual attachment variants and accessories enable you to work and maintain different riding surfaces with only one device.

The Platz-Max® horse arena drag is not only suitable for indoor and outdoor arenas, but can also be used in lunging circles and in horse walkers due to its maneuverability and accessories such as hoof impact clearers. Work with care for the ground in the future and rely on a well-maintained riding surface. Thorough and sustained maintenance for all riding surfaces: loosening, mixing, smoothing and tilling in one quick step with the RS-Platz-Max. For a complete overview of the RS-Platz-Max please click click the FAQ button.

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