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ECO CITY PICKER Battery Powered Compact Leaf & Litter Collector

Battery powered compact leaf & litter collector - a game changing machine in Leaf & Litter that will put an 'Electric Smile' on your operator's face!


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ECO CITY PICKER Battery Powered Compact Leaf & Litter Collector

£21,598.80 (inc VAT)

£17,999.00 (excl VAT)

Part number: ECP




The Eco City Picker Battery Powered Compact Leaf & Litter Collector
The next generation in Eco friendly pedestrian street cleaning and vacuum litter collection, the Trafalgar 'Eco City Range' is aimed at industry, FM companies, local authorities, arenas, stadiums and hospitals to name a few; and is ready to take on the other established machines in the market! 

Being 100% battery powered makes the Eco City Picker the environmentally greener option with Zero emissions!

The Eco City Picker is the next generation in pedestrian leaf and litter collection, and with its 100% Eco credentials this silent picker makes it the Green choice ready to take on the other established machines in the market. The Eco City Picker can be fitted with long lasting lead acid batteries or lighter more flexible lithium iron cells. This makes the unit ideal for modern city centres and campuses.  The Eco City Picker allows you to vacuum any type of waste from cigarette butts & water bottles, to dog excrements while being able to reach even the most hidden and difficult corners.

Features and benefits


  • Supply Battery 24 V
  • Driving type Autonomous driven
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 1920x980x1825 mm
  • Packaging (LxWxH) 2000x1100x1900 mm
  • Maximum speed 6 km/h
  • Maximum slope 20 %
  • Filtering surface 14 m2
  • Filter type Polyester cartridge
  • Traction Electric
  • Noise level 68 db(A)
  • Steering range 2600 mm
  • Working time >10 h
  • Max battery capacity (DIN) 320(Wet)/250(Gel) Ah/s
  • Battery charger 24V - 40A
  • Batteries compartment (LxWxH) 716x410x490 mm
  • Vacuum hose length 4100 mm
  • Vacuum hose Ø 120 mm
  • Total power 2700 W
  • Working light Optional
  • Double nebulisers yes
  • Twin front wheels yes
  • Hopper capacity 240 l
  • Weight without batteries 325 kg


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