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PART 1: The Innovative 100% Battery Powered Eco City Range


100% Battery Powered ECO CITY RANGE. These innovative machines helps reduce operator fatigue and increases productivity ten-fold.

In todays day and age, everyone is focused on ensuring they are being carbon neutral. With many people worldwide heading down the eco-friendly route, you don’t just need to change your transport means to Hybrid or Fully electric. There are multiple options available within the street cleaning industry that can help reduce your carbon footprint and make a huge difference to the environment.

The Eco City Range is a prime example of this kind of equipment. Ergonomic, Battery operated, manoeuvrable, efficient and effective in their field. I will cover the full range of these over the next few weeks

These innovative machines helps reduce operator fatigue and increases productivity ten-fold.

Our latest addition, The “Eco City bin” is the newest machine in our eco city range. With its simple but slick design, this professional looking machine will look the part in your fleet of cleaning machines. Save the effort of pulling a heavy bin cart around by switching to the Eco City Bin. Yes it is battery operated in comparison to your standard pull along barrow, but reducing operator fatigue, and increasing productivity is key when ensuring you get the best out of your team.

If innovation is what you are after, this machine also comes with a new specialist option called “follow me” technology. With its patented recognition software the brains of the machine takes into consideration its surroundings meaning if you walk to far ahead, or someone crosses your path the sensors will pick this up and stop the machine in its tracks.

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