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PART 2: The Eco City Sweeper2 Battery Powered Pedestrian Sweeper

The Eco City Sweeper2 - ZERO Emissions Pedestrian & Street Sweeper Unbeatable In Cleaning City Centres!

With the ever growing popularity of Eco-friendly technology, I wanted to focus again on our Eco City Range. You may have seen on my previous blog that I talked about the Eco City Bin. An Ergonomic, eco-friendly alternative to a standard litter barrow used on your high streets and neighbouring roads. This time however, I would like to introduce the Eco City Sweeper 2.

A machine that is fast increasing in popularity across a number of local authorities and businesses alike. A simple to use, yet incredibly effective machine that businesses nationwide are using to sweep up a vast array of items, from leaves and environmental waste, to dust and litter.

In the past, a petrol or diesel fuelled sweeper could be found in almost every town centre across the UK. Unfortunately, these are loud and can be an eye sore. The Eco City Sweeper steers away from its loud and rather outdated predecessors.

With the Eco City Sweeper 2 these negatives are a thing of the past. A versatile, Quiet, yet incredibly efficient machine which will over time save you money on constantly having to top up the fuel. The Eco City Sweeper 2 has been designed with the intention of offering a long working autonomy that exceeds the daily shift before having to recharge the batteries.

Worried about those hard to reach places? The Eco City Sweeper has that covered too. With its wander suction hose attachment for vacuuming bulky waste, reaching narrow spaces, such as flower beds, side benches, etc.

Its compactness, effectiveness and ease of use, thanks to the possibility of driving by inexperienced people without a driving license, make the Eco City Sweeper 2 Zero Emissions street sweeper unbeatable in cleaning city centres, pedestrian areas, cycle paths, parks and public gardens.

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