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PART 3: The Eco City Picker/Eco City Picker Follow-Me


The Eco City Picker/Eco City Picker Follow-Me

Over the last few weeks I have talked about the “ECO CITY RANGE” with information on the all new Eco City Bin, and the ever popular Eco City Sweeper. This week however we shall be moving on to the third machine in the range, The Eco City Picker/Eco City Picker Follow-Me.

The Eco City Picker is quite literally at the peak of current innovation when it comes to street cleaning. With the optional cutting edge “follow me” technology which I mentioned a few weeks back, this fantastic machine will simply follow you around whilst you collect the leaves/litter with ease.

The Eco city picker, like its sister machines, is ergonomic, battery operated and substantially reduces operator fatigue, especially when purchased with “follow me” option.
What’s more, With the option of a programmable water proof TV screen mounted to the rear of the machine it is now possible to display advertising champagnes for local companies. Now your Eco City Picker can also generate an income for itself.

Further information on this machine can be found by following the links below and a demonstration can easily be booked by getting in touch today on 01403 273 444.

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