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Dulevo Nitro Series Scrubber Drier 50L


The Dulevo Nitro Series Scrubber Drier 50L

The new line of the Dulevo Nitro walk-behind scrubber-driers (models H505M/H505/H555M/H555/H565/H665) has been designed to obtain unrivalled cleaning performance and efficiency. Innovative and technological, but at the same time simple and rugged, these scrubber-driers are designed and built with the best materials and according to the highest levels of engineering.

The Dulevo LINEA NITRO walk-behind scrubber-driers are the best solution for public areas such as supermarkets, shopping malls, showrooms, and airports, guaranteeing excellent performance also in industrial applications such as mechanical workshops, metal processing, assembly lines, etc.; moreover, thanks to their flawless noiselessness, they are the ideal solution for applications in hospitals, institutions for the elderly, and anywhere there’s the need of efficient as well as discreet operations.

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The wide range of NITRO scrubber-driers guarantees the ideal solution for any environment. With washing tracks varying from 500 and 660 mm, this line of walk-behind scrubbers is capable of adapting with extreme ease to any requirement. All of the models are available in different versions:

  • H505M: Battery-powered, with brush-assisted semi-automatic traction
  • H505: Battery-powered, with traction electrical engine
  • H555M: Battery-powered, with brush-assisted semi-automatic traction
  • H555: Battery-powered, with traction electrical engine
  • H565: Battery-powered, with traction electrical engine
  • H665: Battery-powered, with traction electrical engine

Ergonomics, suppleness, ease of use and great intuitiveness make these machines agreeable and funny to use. Every technical detail has been designed to obtain best cleaning results also when the equipment is used by inexpert operators. Automatic start and shutdown of the brushes, water flow control, automatic filling and integrated water/detergent dosage and mixing system proportional to the advancement speed in order to guarantee significant savings and reduced environmental impact.

The Dulevo Nitro walk-behind scrubber-drier line can reach extremely high levels of noiselessness. Thanks to a particularly noiseless suction engine, which is located in a position protected from the tank-in-tank cisterns, the machine can dexterously and noiselessly work in any condition. Thanks to this feature, the Nitro line is particularly recommend for hospitals, institutions for the elderly, clinics, nursing homes, and anywhere there’s the need of an in-depth cleaning that be respectful of the safety of the people around.

The tanks – built with the so-called tank-in-tank system in order to guarantee maximum noiselessness – are made of high-density polyethylene, they are shock and corrosion and resistant and reach a capacity of 50 liters (clean water) and 55 liters (dirty water). Standard equipped with quick clutch for the water and automatic filling float, which allows the stopping of the water flow without closing the faucet.

The adjustments of the floor wiper allow the machine to adapt to all kinds of surfaces. The blades may be replaced without the need to recur to any tool, and are mounted on a stainless steel parabolic squeegee. The engine and the suction filter may be easily accessible for an easy cleaning. The dirty water discharge is made of a special flexible plastic, which allows to easily adjust the discharge flow.

The dashboard has been studied so as to make the machine intuitive and easy to use. The comfortable and functional grip allows a light and safe control over the machine. The lowering and the rising of the brush assembly are automatic and may be easily operated by pressing a single button.

Among the different features that make these machines special, please notice the following:

  • Automatic rising and lowering system of the brush assembly
  • Direct gearmotors with no belts no need of maintenance
  • Clean water discharge tube with level marker
  • Easily accessible suction filter
  • Stainless steel parabolic squeegee
  • Shutter equipped with pads for a quick extraction of the batteries

Moreover, thanks to the completely accessible tank, the NITRO line scrubber-driers are the only machines that comply with the HACCP sanitary regulations.


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