Billy Goat Leaf & Litter Vacuum CollectorsBilly Goat Leaf & Litter Vacuum Collectors, Blowers and Accessories

Billy Goat Leaf & Litter Vacuum Collector is probably the most popular brand of there type on sale today. All Billy Goat machines have various different types of armour plated steel fans that are spun up by a range of engine choices to create large amounts of suction. Leaf and litter debris is then sucked through the fan which in turn has a mulching effect and deposited in a bag that makes disposal easy. The Billy Goat range have units that are both propelled and self propelled.

.WE ASSEMBLE, PRE-RUN, then RE-BOX all of our BILLY GOAT MACHINES BEFORE SHIPPING... all our customer has to do is remove from the box, add petrol and go!