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MATRIX Floor Care Cleaning Systems

Matrix machines can kill bacteria and germs, which is why they are so highly regarded by professionals in the NHS and in the food industry, and are ideal for dissolving grease & grime, as well as removing chewing gum whilst achieving a chemical free clean.


Professional steam cleaning machines made in the UK

Why steam clean with dry steam vapour DSV)?

Traditional cleaning methods

The majority of traditional cleaning methods are based on the use of water and detergents. The surface will give a clean and shiny image through the water that remains on the surface. The detergents ensures the surface smells fresh and clean. However, in reality this is very often not the case. The surface may seem clean, but bacteria and dirt stay behind and will duplicate rapidly in a moist environment.

Steam cleaning

The deep cleaning effect of steam ensures that bacteria and other unwanted micro-organisms are destroyed, even right down into the deepest pores of the polluted surface. Subsequently the minimal residue left behind by the use of steam can be removed by the simultaneous use of microfibre or vacuum. This way the bacteria will not be able to duplicate and the surface will be instantly and hygienically clean.


By introducing steam into your cleaning methods you can save on the use of detergents. The water usage can be reduced by up to 95%! This is a proven water saving technology and all Matrix machines are listed with DEFRA. All of this saves you money and even better, saves the environment.

6 Reasons to choose steam cleaning:

  • Visually improves the cleanliness wherever steam is used.
  • Increases the level of hygiene – Offering an improved antibacterial system, scientifically proven against hospital bacteria such as MSRA and other micro-organisms. 
  • Achieves instantly clean and dry surfaces– Resulting in areas ready for immediate use with no downtime, whilst sanitising the surface at the same time.
  • Environmentally friendly – Steam uses less water than traditional methods and listed on the Water Saving Technology list
  • User friendly – Simply designed, easy to use and ergonomic.
  • Multifunctional – Use it everywhere and improve standards.

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