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Municipal Street Sweeping & Street Cleansing by Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment

municipal street sweeping

Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment provide a wide variety of municipal street sweeping and cleansing machines for all types of application and environments.

No one wants to live in a dirty town or city with dead leaves, litter and broken glass is lying forgotten in the streets and pavements. A city is often judged by its cleanliness, so who does all this street cleaning, and with what I hear you ask! Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment are municipal street cleansing specialists in providing a range of municipal equipment to local authorities and businesses across the UK. 

While most people take street sweeping and cleansing for granted, it becomes noticeable to all who live and work in a city or town when basic maintenance has been neglected. All of our local authorities are under increasing pressure to satisfy city and town residents' expectations for clean and tidy communities, despite cuts to budgets up and down the country. Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment have a wide range of powerful and efficient municipal street cleansing machines and municipal street sweepers designed for the most robust and challenging environments put in from of them. 

Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment's Municipal Street Sweeping Machines


Dulevo 850 mini

Dulevo 850 mini Sub-Compact Road Sweeper

The Dulevo 850 mini road sweeper is designed for the heart of the city and environment, combining remarkable sweeping capability with excellent manoeuvrability.

MC 50 Advanced Street Sweeper

The MC 50 Advanced offers useful features and is suitable for year-round use. The quick-change system enables attachments such as mower or snow blade and spreader to be changed within minutes.

ECO CITY PICKER-FOLLOW.ME Battery Powered Compact Leaf & Litter Collector

ECO CITY PICKER-FOLLOW.ME Battery Powered Compact Leaf & Litter Collector

Battery powered compact leaf & litter collector - a game changing machine in Leaf & Litter that will put an 'Electric Smile' on your operator's face!

ECO CITY SWEEPER 2 Battery Powered Compact and Silent Pedestrian Sweeper

ECO CITY SWEEPER 2 Battery Powered Compact and Silent Pedestrian Sweeper

Battery powered compact and silent pedestrian sweeper - A Game Changer in Sweeping that will put an 'Electric Smile' on your operator's face!

Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment's Municipal Street Cleansing Machines


DiBO Mobile Trailers

The DiBO JMB-M/M+ is the ideal solution in places where there is no electricity, due to its on-board power source and self-contained operation.

Karcher HDS Trailers

Outstanding mobility and reliability on two wheels with extraordinary mobility and ease of use.

Municipal Bin Wash

TCE BinWash is winner of a prestigious Green Apple Award from the Green Organisation and is approved by the National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers.

Self-Contained Mobile Steam Cleaner Trailer

These powerful self-contained mobile pressure washer units are designed to clean where neither power nor a water supply is available.

What are the benefits of Municipal Street Sweepers and Municipal Street Cleansing Machines?

First Impressions are everything and dirty streets leave bad impressions on visitors, especially if they’re seeing a city for the first time. Fortunately, Trafalgar's municipal street sweepers and street cleansing machines are able to remove dirt, broken glass, leaves, litter and other types of small debris leaving the streets and pavement spotless showing visitors that care has been taken making the city a nice clean place to live and work. City and town traffic from vehicles leave behind a lot of dirt, sand, salt, and other debris from their tire treads that needs regular cleaning from our city streets. Pedestrian pavements and walkways also take a pounding to with litter, chewing gum and grime building up, we have that covered to with a range of pedestrian municipal street sweepers, pickers and vacuums.

Street sweeping removes:

  • Salt
  • Broken glass
  • Sand
  • Small metal pieces
  • Leaf and Litter
  • Other types of small debris

If you are in need of a municipal street sweeper or municipal street cleansing machine for your fleet, then we highly recommend giving us a call  on 01403 273 444 to arrange a free demonstration.

Logistics and efficiencies

Lets be absolutely honest, there are too many miles of roads and pavements to sweep and clean by hand! While street sweepers may drive slowly (around 8mph), they efficiently remove dirt, leaves, and other debris in the early morning hours when most people are still in bed. And unless you hire a team of superheroes who can clean with inhuman speed, there’s no way you can beat the kind of efficiency our municipal sweepers produce! Interested in our municipal street sweepers for sale?

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