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Aqueous Ozone As a Cleaning Alternative | Blog | Trafalgar

Create a sustainable and green cleaning solution with Aqueous Ozone

Aqueous Ozone - The green, cost effective alternative to cleaning without the use of chemicals

What is Aqueous Ozone and how strong really is it at cleaning?

What is Aqueous Ozone?

AQUEOUS OZONE is a powerful oxidizer proven to clean effectively, destroying a host of germs, bacteria, and other contaminants on surfaces, which helps to deodorize and sanitize them. Not only does AQUEOUS OZONE oxidise many different types of contaminants but also odour and micro-organisms like VIRUSES, MOULDS AND BACTERIA. AQUEOUS OZONE will also help to destroy chemical resistant pathogens!

How green is Aqueous Ozone really?

Some AQUEOUS OZONE products are referred to as “greener than green” and have been certified by leading green certification companies. So yes, VERY green. These machines are delivered with no packaging and no fuel is required to transport AQUEOUS OZONE. The ozone is all made by one machine. It also reduces consumable spend.

Chemical free cleaning, it can’t be that strong can it?

Actually it can! AQUEOUS OZONE is often compared to chlorine bleach because it can be used in many similar disinfecting applications. While it is not an EPA-registered disinfectant and should not be used in place of a disinfectant, it does have "kill" rates comparable to the key ingredients found in most hospital-grade disinfectants. AQUEOUS OZONE may be compared to chlorine bleach however it does not corrode surfaces like chlorine bleach can.

So I can use this everywhere, right?

AQUEOUS OZONE can indeed be used almost anywhere a cleaning solution is likely to be used.

But floors are classed as low risk?

This is true, however consider this… a scrubber drier uses their vacuum motor and the movement of air/liquid to recover waste water from your floor. Any bacteria present on this “low risk floor” now has the danger to become airborne as it exits the vacuum exhaust. Using AQUEOUS OZONE you help reduce this risk and also reduce cross contamination concerns.


Create a sustainable and green cleaning solution with Aqueous Ozone

Create a sustainable and green cleaning solution with Aqueous Ozone


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