Billy Goat DL1801VEEU Debris Loader

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Billy Goat DL1801VEEU Debris Loader

The new Billy Goat DL Series shreds and moves more debris than any truck loader in its class. The new DL Series has been designed for ease of use with a higher reduction and compaction rate than any competitive models.

Vast amounts of debris can be quickly drawn through an extra large, clear intake hose where our exclusive Debris Reducing Razor™ teeth provide exceptional reduction ratio.

Rugged heavy-gauge steel construction ensures durability. To adjust the exhaust, simply turn the proprietary 360-degree hand crank swivel. Bottom line, the new DL Series offer tremendous productivity and ergonomic benefits not found elsewhere. With the DL Series, your crew will save time… making you more money.

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Quote: Billy Goat DL1801VEEU
Order No. DL1801VEEU

Technical Data

Engine   14 HP Subaru (DL1401SE); 18 HP Vangaard (DL1801V, DL1801VE)
Hose Dimensions (inches)   10x10 Clear urethane
Impeller   4 Blades, 8 Cutting Points
CFM   3700 cfm
Discharge (inches)   7
Weight (lbs)   290 lbs (DL1801V); 295 lbs (DL1801VE)
Dimesnsions   31x27x48