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Billy Goat DL1801V Debris Loader

Step up to the midsize series of debris loaders, ideal for mid to large municipal and contractors applications. The DL18 Series heavy-duty debris loaders are powered by Vanguard® engines, producing suction at 6.300 m3/h. Electric start on DL1802VE reduces fatigue and saves time.

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Billy Goat DL1801V Debris Loader




Billy Goat DL1801V Debris Loader

The Billy Goat HTR1803V 18hp Heavy-Duty Truck Loader / Debris Loader is equipped with 10 inch diameter 12.5 feet in length with hose boom kit that attaches to the intake, allowing the operator to move freely across a wide area. The large diameter hose allows vast amounts of material to be quickly drawn into the thick steel impeller where it is broken up to reduce bulk, then loaded for transport. The Billy Goat HTR1803V 18hp Heavy-Duty Truck Loader features a 16 inch fan of 1/4 inch steel. A cushioned handle makes operation easy and minimizes fatigue.

Features and benefits

Dual Shredding System with Piranha™ Blade

For extra shredding. Serrated blades with cutting points for maximum loading. Debris reduction up to 12:1.

Safety Kill Switch

Quick connect / release hose clamp with safety interlock.

Urethane Clear Hose

Clear hose allows for visual inspection and quick removal of hose clogs. Replacement hoses are available.

Intake Hose Storage

Simple secure nozzle hook for convenient and efficient storage.

Discharge Chute Deflector Kit

Deflects debris for most efficient loading. Also available as an accessory.


Engine Make Vanguard

Performance kW* 13,4

Performance HP* 18,0

Displacement (cc) 570

Engine Features Electric Start

Fuel Capacity (l) 8,5

Productivity (m3/h) 6300

Hose Dimensions (cm) 25 x 300

Impeller Blades 4.0

Impeller Diameter (inch [cm]) 16 [40]

Impeller Housing Steel 12-gauge, Replaceable Liner

Cutting Points 8

Output Diameter (cm) 18

Weight (kg) 121

Length (cm) 152

Width (cm) 82

Height (cm) 190

* All power levels are provided by Briggs & Stratton.


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