Billy Goat DL1301HEU Truck Loader

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Billy Goat DL1301HEU Truck Loader

TR Truck Loader Debris loaders are used to pick up large volumes of leaves, thatch, grass clippings and other organic debris from one location and transfer it quickly into a truck or trailer for transport. Designed for small to medium sized jobs, the TR is over three times more efficient than people using rakes and tarps to do the same job. Steel liners are welded to areas of high abrasion and a smooth, curved radius on the exhaust elbow assures clean, efficient transfer of debris without clogging Large diameter flexible hose Durable 8” diameter intake hose enables this unit to handle vast amounts of thatch and leaves.

Armor plate steel impeller ¼” thick with fuel back-plates for impact and abrasion resistance. Swivel exhaust elbow 360 degree rotation for discharge in any direction. Reinforced housing Steel liners in housing are welded to areas of high abrasion. Safety disconnect Should the intake assembly become disconnected during operation, the engine shuts off.

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Quote: Billy Goat DL1301HEU
Order No. DL1301HEU

Technical Data

Engine   12 HP LCT (DL1201L); (13 HP Honda 1301H)
Hose Dimensions (inches)   8x10
Impeller   4 Blades, 8 Cutting Points
CFM   2013 cfm (DL120L); 2100 cfm (DL1301H)
Discharge (inches)   7
Weight (lbs)   235 lbs (DL1201L); 238 lbs (DL1301H)
Dimesnsions   31x27x48