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650 Ltr Flat Water Storage Tank


650 Ltr Flat Water Storage Tank

£315.00 (inc VAT)

£262.50 (excl VAT)

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650 Litre (172 gallons) Baffled Car Valeting / Storage Water Tank

These water tanks are ideal for car valets. Our Water tanks are suitable for storage and transportation of potable water and a wide range of other liquids. Capacity: 650 Litres

This baffled water tank is manufactured in natural translucent medium density polyethylene with a 0" BSP outlet and 8" lid. Baffled water tanks are ideal for water transportation. The baffling is provided by the grooves / holes that go right through the tank - the 'baffles' stop the water sloshing from side to side. The Baffling reduces the movement of water in the tank during transport. Baffled water tanks are ideal for car valeters and car valeting. Great for window cleaners or anyone who has to transport liquids using plastic water storage tanks and containers. High quality water storage tanks.

Water tanks can be extremely hazardous when transporting large volumes of liquids. Please make sure that they are installed and secured by a suitable qualified person before transportation.

This is an extremely tough and durable water tank constructed from MPDE (Medium Density Polyethylene) Ideal for car valeting or window cleaning. Standard tank is natural translucent medium density polyethylene with a 1" BSP outlet and 8" cap. Options to order include 6" spring vented cap and 8" vented black cap. Large range of stock colours available.

Please note, We sell and stock a wide range of connectors, valves and tap kits, Please ask our sales staff when making a purchase.

Features and benefits

  • Lid Size: 200
  • Material: MDPE
  • Outlet Size: 1" BSP Female
  • Potable: Potable
  • Shape: Flat
  • Tank Use: Above Ground


  • Height..........575mm
  • Width..........1010mm
  • Length.........1250mm
  • Weight........42.0kgs
  • Nominal Capacity 650 Litres

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