WeedKiLLER L+ Professional Chemical Free Weedkilling Machine

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WeedKiLLER L+ - for Professional Chemical Free Weedkilling

The WeedKiLLER-L skid design is a environmentally friendly weed and moss killer and it also serves as a powerful hot water high pressure cleaner up to 200 bar. This skid version can easily fit into or on your own car, the appliance is fully assambled on a stainless steel frame, inlcuding a stainless steel diesel tank. An ergonomic design of this frame, makes this unit easy to move by using a fork-lift truck.

The WeedKiLLER skid design has independent two-person operation so you can use the WeedKiLLER with hot water technology and the hot water high-pressure cleaner at up to 200 bar at the same time. The appliance is an example of environmentally friendliness and in line with new European regulations because no pesticides are used. Use of the DiBO GreenBoiler also makes it an ecological and low-energy machine. 

In WeedKiLLER-function there is a constant water temperature of 99 °C at the WeedKiLLER lance. Associated lances for weed killing on the one hand and for high-pressure cleaning on the other, together with the 2x 110 kW GreenBoiler this skid has independent two-person operation. It can be used as WeedKiLLER and powerfull high pressure cleaner for example: graffiti-removal / removing chewing gum / drain cleaning

New and progressive are the Track & Trace system and the operating panel with digital display and joystick.

Technical specifications

  • High-tech heating system 2 x 110 kW GreenBoiler for a greater efficiency > 92% 18% fuel saving Low CO2 emission Low maintenance cost
  • 2x 110 kW GreenBoiler + 20 kW Intercooling = 240 kW heating power
  • Industrial water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel motor (18,9 kW - 26 kW) with extra pre-heating of the supply water through a heat-exchanger so 15% less fuel is consumed 
  • In WeedKiLLER-function there is a constant water temperature of 99 °C at the WeedKiLLER lance
  • Total fuel savings of 33% with the GreenBoiler (18%) and heat-exchanger (15%) combination
  • Radial high pressure pump with 3 solid ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves
  • Diesel burner boiler with independent motor and fuel valve with electronic ignition
  • 12 V operating voltage for the electronic control unit and burner boiler
  • Run dry protection / water filter / pressure gauge / hour counter
  • Electronic control unit with indicator lights for oil level, water level, fuel level and flame monitoring
  • Pressure reduction up to 10 bar with sealed gun
  • Anti-limescale system with level detection
  • Independent two-person operation thanks to the double GreenBoiler with two WeedKiLLER lances of 40 cm each
  • Easy to move by using a fork-lift truck 
  • New operating panel with digital display and joystick:
    • Everything visible at a glance. Easy to adjust with a handy joystick and to operate with gloves. 
    • You can easily set the temperature, number of revolutions and optionally beacon/work light. Electronic control with pressure gauge, hour counter, maintenance information, error messages and device functions that facilitate maintenance.
    • The digital display indicates continuously the status of the machine to inform the user. With level indicator of the fuel and water tank on the display and alarm.
  • Track & Trace system, including information on
    • Working hours burner & machine
    • Errors visible from a distance
    • Location of the machine
    • Location history
    • Error messages history
  • Electronic continuously variable pressure and flow control using speed regulation
  • Automatic speed regulation, idling after 30s
  • Automatically adjusts the speed depending on high pressure/WeedKiLLER-function
  • Automatic pre-glowing
  • Wateronthardingssysteem


  • Working lamp
  • Rotating beacon
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