Van Mounted Gum & Grafitti Removal Unit

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Van Mounted Gum & Grafitti Removal Unit

Please call 01403 273 444 to discuss specification and prices

This unit is ideal for gum, graffiti, street cleaning and many other industrial cleaning applications. The tools are completely self-contained and 100% mobile. It is the quietest in its class, making it perfect for working in residential areas.

Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment has developed a quiet, unobtrusive and low maintenance solution to combat the major problem of discarded chewing gum. Our van mounted units provide a versatile and effective opportunity to deal with troublesome gum and graffiti. They are environmentally friendly too, using minimal cleaning agent and water. Furthermore, the vehicles feature low running costs and are ideal for use in pedestrian areas, such as town centres.

Full Van mount illustrated below

Front Compartment (Dry section)

  1. Whole compartment sprayed with this hard epoxy resin coating to waterproof and protect vehicle from interior rusting and and damage.
  2. Fire Extinguisher
  3. Hot Hand Wash
  4. Eye Wash & First Aid Kit
  5. Strip Lighting
  6. Manual Fletner
  7. Vehicle Overload Protetion System (This device provides both audio and visual warnings of the vehicles current weight. Not only will it indicate an overall overload, it will also indicate if either axel is over weight.)
  8. 18" Rotary Floor Tool (Ideal for flat surface cleaning.)
  9. Compartmented Storage
  10. Chemical Storage Cabinet

Rear Compartment (Wet Section)...

  1. 650 Litre Baffled Water Tank (Fitted with ball cock system that prevents overflowing.) 
  2. Karcher HDS 1000 DE Hot Pressure Washer 
  3. 30 Metre Retractable Hose Reel (Additional hose can be added, up to an extra 60 metres.) 
  4. Electric Fletner (Comes on automatically with the steam unit to vent away unwanted fumes.) 
  5. Fire Extinguisher 
  6. Flue for Burner Unit 
  7. Drain for Water Tank & Driptray 
  8. Filling Point for Water Tank 
  9. Flashing Strobe Beacon 
  10. Rear Door Outlet for Hose (This allows the unit to be operated with the door closed, helping reduce noise and increase security.) 
  11. Waterproof Epoxy Resin Coating 
  12. Ventilation for Generator Exhaust 
  13. Water Filter (All water from the unit passes through this.)
  14. Hydrant Filling Adaptor

Weights (approx.): Unladen: 408kg/laden:1098kg

Most common vehicle used

  • Ford transit MWB medium roof T350
  • We can fit any type of vehicle, subject to them having the correct payload (Contact our expert sales team for further information)
  • All vehicle conversions are weighed prior to them leaving the building, Certification provided.

Other projects

The customer leads the design on all of our conversions, let us build a vehicle specifically to your requirements, here are a few examples of projects we have undertaken in the past.

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