Trafalgar Weedkiller Trailer Mount

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The Trafalgar WeedKiLLER Trailer Mount

Weed and moss killer as well as high pressure cleaner

Everyone knows the stubbornness of weeds and moss, but by sprinkling with boiling hot water as high as 99 degrees Celsius not only will the weed and moss be killed immediately - but also the water will penetrate to the root and the seeds will be attacked and killed too.

Since the weed will not be able to flower any more and spread itself, there will be a preventive effect and the weed will stay away. In most cases three treatments a year will be enough to combat the weeds and moss. This will depend on the kind of weed and the weather circumstances while performing these activities.



Rapid Treatment

rapid treatment

rapid treatment


Today great importance is attached to preserving the environment, and the Government imposes more and more restraints on the use of weed killing pesticides. There are several alternatives to kill weeds and moss without pesticides, but the most effective one is by using hot water.

Furthermore the GreenBoiler happens to be very energy-saving, so the burner boiler is used to heat the water up to 99 degrees Celsius at the nozzle. This high-tech burner boiler gives a fuel saving of 18% in comparison with the conventional burner boilers. Even further this boiler has a low CO2 emission as well as a high efficiency of at least 92%.

The diesel engine with ecological heat exchanger shows an energy-saving effect, and because of the preheating of the water this results in an extra fuel saving of as much as 15%.

The advantages of the Trafalgar WeedKiLLER

  • Very little environmental impact
  • Can be mobilized for eliminating all weeds and moss on all types of subsoil
  • Very effective! In general, three treatments a year will be sufficient. The number of treatments depends on the length of the season and the stubbornness of the weed.
  • This machine kills almost every kind of weed to the root
  • The Trafalgar WeedKiller can also be Van Mounted and used for Chewing Gum and Graffiti Removal too!

chewing gumgraffiti

Additional Multifunctional Uses

Apart from the function of weed killer the Trafalgar WeedKiLLER can also be used as a high pressure cleaner for various cleaning jobs too. The machine has a capacity of 25 litres per minute at a pressure of 250 bar. It can also be used as sewage cleaner or as road surface cleaner to remove oil tracks.

Technical Specifications

This machine uses hot-water technology to kill weed and moss growing in an effective and ecologically sound way. Two people can work at the same time with the Trafalgar WeedKiLLER

Trafalgar's WeedKiLLER is built on a trailer and contains a 450 l water tank and a plunger pump with a maximum capacity of 25 litres per minute. This pump is driven by a 3 cylinder 19.5 KW diesel motor, which may be charged with a maximum rotational speed of 3,600 revolutions per minute.

The operating panel of the trailer is located on the back. The machine contains two SS reels, each one equipped with a 25 meter hose with gun and spray fittings.

The trailer also contains a 12 volt self-sucking pump, which can be connected to an external tank of for instance 1,000 liters, which can be taken along in the pulling vehicle. So you will have a total water stock of 1,450 liters.

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