We have a NEW MultiOne Front Loaders Website.

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our NEW POOVAC website :-) For those existing customers of the revelotionary battery powered and cordless Poovac not a lot has changed really, its all a bit more fresher, faster and easier to navigate around. A huge shout out goes to KCD MEDIA and their partners i-next for the many hours they have spent developing all of our new platforms.

The multi-functional and multi-purpose MULTIONE mini compact front loader

MultiOne is a Multifunction Mini Front Loader offering an innovative solution for those looking to maximise productivity in every industry from farming and agriculture to construction and public maintenance. All MultiOne Front Loaders are available with over 170 attachments, MultiOne is the most powerful, innovative and reliable Multifunction Mini Front Loader available.

To view our NEW MultiOne website click here. Call 01403 273 444 for sales and equiries.

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