Pressure washing is the most effective way to clean outdoors and is extremely easy: connect your device to the water supply and power outlet, turn on the tap, switch on the pressure washer, and let the cleaning fun begin!

With matching special accessories, the devices are transformed into real all-rounders: whether for patio or decking, car cleaning, clearing the guttering or even cleaning the bins, the application possibilities are virtually endless.

The pressure is always greatest the closer you are to the nozzle, therefore the distance of the nozzle to the surface you are cleaning should be adjusted accordingly to get the perfect cleaning result. The new Full Control trigger guns help to ensure you can easily find the right pressure setting for the surface you want to clean.

Application areas for pressure washers

  • - patios and decking
  • - all cars
  • - garden machinery and tools
  • - garden furniture
  • - bicycles
  • - fences  and walls
  • - garden paths, steps or paving
  • - bins
  • -caravans
  • - motorcycles and scooters
  • - swimming pools
  • - all around the home, such as walls and garage doors

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