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  • Fully Galvanised Heavy Gauge Steel Chassis to ensure a long service life.
  • Effortless Two-bin lifting mechanism to aid efficiency
  • TCE BinWash can lift commercial containers with flip up lids and roll top lids (we believe this is the only machine on the market able to do this).
  • Choice of Electric start Honda engines for ease of use and reliability.
  • These machines can also be supplied with a 3 phase electric motor rather than a petrol engine if it is for indoor use inside industrial facilities etc.
  • Fitted with a heavy duty deep cycle battery.
  • Powerful water pumps with a long reach 1.5 meter wash lance.
  • Very fast washing process: typically 10-30 seconds for a domestic bin dependant on soiling.
  • Inbuilt water tank with multi-stage water filtration and water recycle system.
  • Long life stainless steel filters save the need of frequent replacement of filter material and cleaning as in some other systems.
  • Flat water tank design for a low centre of gravity, vehicle stability and easy cleaning. The 300 litre tank provides a sufficient supply of recycled water for a full days work as there is very little loss of water in the cleaning process.
  • Frost protection system.
  • Flashing safety beacon.
  • High build quality and robust construction with very low maintenance requirement.
  • Very low running costs - typically about £1.50 per day (including: petrol for the Honda engine, chemical for the water tank and disinfectant to treat the bins).
  • Can also be used for hard surface cleaning such as container standing areas, floors, walls, car washing, and patio & decking cleaning etc. A separate water inlet is provided to enable direct connection to a freshwater supply.
  • At 150+ domestic bins per day and at an average of £3.50 per clean, this machine can earn you up to £136,500 per annum. 150 bins per day equates to 20 - 25 roads on a cleaning round and just 6 - 7 domestic bins to clean or each road, that's not a lot and with a reasonable effort is readily achievable. Income could be increased further with the addition of commercial bins typically charged out at £10 - £20per clean.
  • Compliant with the machinery directive and CE marked (Certificate of European Conformity)
  • TCE BinWash is winner of a prestigious Green Apple Award from the Green Organisation and is approved by the National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers.
  • Our machines will allow you to wash bins legally as the wash water is recaptured and recycled. It will allow you to work within a framework set out by the Environment Agency, Local Councils and Water Providers to ensure an environmentally safe procedure. Fines of up to £20,000 can be levied where polluted water enters the fresh water drainage system.
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