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    the POOVAC Dog Poop Scooper!
    The Mess Free Solution that sucks the dog poop straight into the bag!

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    Some of the many great features and benefits of the POOVAC dog poop scooper include:

    • Any size dog
      The Poovac dog poop scooper is a robust and effective product that has been designed for all breeds and sizes of dog, from the Poodle to the Great Dane!
    • Lightweight & easy to use
      An incredibly light device, operating the Poovac is as simple as pressing a button.
    • Cleans up on all surfaces
      Grass, decking, leaves or patio. The POOVAC dog poop scooper will clean up dog poop on all surfaces.
    • Reduces bending over
      Ergonomically designed to work just below waist height, the upright feature of the Poovac will greatly reduce the need for you to bend over.
    • Hygienic process
      Wet or dry, the dog poop is vacuumed straight into a bag for hygienic disposal.
    • Detachable battery
      Included with the POOVAC is a charger and battery, which detaches for easy indoor recharging.

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    Whether you’re in need of the complete POOVAC Dog Poop Scooper Package, or just a pack of replacement bags, you can shop by clicking the button below

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