Karcher Battery Charger BC Adv, 220-240V


Karcher Battery Charger BC Adv, 220-240V

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Karcher Battery Charger BC Adv, 220-240

Thanks to the innovative 50-volt technology from K�rcher, the BC Adv quick charger charges batteries for machines from the K�rcher range up to 50% faster than standard devices. Full control of the charging progress is made possible by the charge level indicator on the compact and light charger.

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Order No. 2.852-182.0

Features & Benefits

Compact dimensions and low weight
  • Easy use and quick replacement of the batteries.
Easy-to-read charge level indicator
  • Charging progress can be checked at any time.
Up to 50% faster charging times compared with standard devices thanks to 50-volt technology
  • Increased efficiency thanks to extremely short charging times.

Technical Data

Input voltage/frequency (V)� 220 - 240 - 50
Output power (A)� max. 8
Power (W)� 550
Charging time Bp 200 (min.)� 25
Charging time Bp 400 (min.)� 30
Charging time Bp 800 (min.)� 60
Weight (kg)� 2.1
Dimensions (L x W x H) 210 x 160 x 275