Karcher Battery Bp 800 Adv 7.5Ah (Power Pack)


Karcher Battery Bp 800 Adv 7.5Ah (Power Pack)

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Karcher Battery Bp 800 Adv 7.5 Ah (Power Pack)

With 50 volts and an incredible 375 Wh of power reserves, the Karcher Bp 800 Adv Battery is the powerhouse for the battery-powered machines in the K�rcher series (leaf blowers, chainsaws).

The Karcher Battery Bp 800 Adv lithium-ion battery, designed for a very long use time with 375 Wh, was specifically developed for the battery-powered machines from the K�rcher series. Whether you are using leaf blowers or chainsaws, the battery is fully compatible and can be replaced in seconds. The remaining use time can be checked at any time using the charge level indicator.

Its innovative 50-volt technology means that the use of petrol-powered machines can be avoided, resulting in considerable advantages when it comes to comparing noise and exhaust emissions. Another important criterion for use in municipalities is cost effectiveness. Here, too, the battery from our three-part battery system range impresses, as the costs for operating materials for the machines are largely eliminated and the overall maintenance effort is considerably lower.

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Order No. 2.852-189.0

Features & Benefits

Compact dimensions and low weight
  • Easy use and quick replacement of the batteries.
Easy-to-read charge level indicator
  • Remaining run time can be checked at any time.
Full compatibility with all K�rcher Park & City Solutions machines
  • One-time investment enables many application possibilities.
No emissions of harmful substances or CO2
  • Environmentally friendly and user-friendly. No petrol smells during work.
Up to 50% quieter than petrol-powered machines
  • Enables use in noise-sensitive areas such as residential areas, near schools and at night.
Significantly lower vibration compared to petrol-powered machines
  • Long, fatigue-free operation enables longer work intervals.
Up to 90% lower overall costs compared to petrol-powered machines
  • Highly economical, since there are no petrol costs and maintenance costs are low.
Up to 50% faster charging times compared with standard devices thanks to 50-volt technology
  • Greater efficiency thanks to fewer idle times.

Technical Data

Battery voltage (V)� 50
Amount of energy 375
Battery charging time (min.)� 60
Battery life with LB 850 Bp (min.)� max. 225
Battery life with CS 330 Bp max. 405
Weight (kg)� 2.9
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)� 195 x 160 x 105