FIDO Dog Faeces Collection & Disposal Unit Slurry Tank

Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment specialise in manufacturing a range of cleaning equipment to collect dog mess and litter from our streets and parks. 


FIDO Faeces & Waste Collection Unit

Manufactured on a street legal Kawasaki Mule 4010 utility vehicle, the FIDO can be fitted with a weather break cab, sides and other optional extras tailored to your own unique requirements.

Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment specialise in manufacturing a range of cleaning equipment to collect dog mess and litter from our streets and parks. The FIDO is a specialist unit designed for litter and dog faeces collection which includes glass and other sharp objects along with general faeces, waste, and litter.

The FIDO is manufactured on a Kawasaki Mule 4010 street legal utility vehicle which can be fitted with a weather break cab and sides along with other optional extras that can be tailored to your own unique requirements.

The FIDO has been designed for both on-road and off-road use with low pressure ground tyres.

With its low pressure ground tyres, it can mount kerbs with ease without damaging wheel rims or pavements, and is ideal for travelling across grassed areas and streets collecting dog faeces and litter without damaging the grass. Being street legal not only enables easy transportation between parks, it also allows removal of dog faeces from paths, grass verges and streets along the way.

The collection unit contains its own engine which drives a powerful vacuum unit capable of collecting 100 litres of all types of dog faeces into the tank, it is then mixed with chemicals to form a slurry which makes it easy and hygenic to dispose of.



FIDO Dog Faeces Collection & Disposal Unit

FIDO Dog Faeces Collection & Disposal Unit

FIDO Dog Faeces Collection & Disposal Unit

FIDO Dog Faeces Collection & Disposal Unit

The hygienic solution to dog faeces removal

A disinfectant spray pump is also fitted to the pick up tool to not only to ease removal of stubborn faeces, but also to wash and disinfect the offending areas helping to protect children from toxcara canis. The unit can also be used for collecting litter by changing the stainless steel slurry tank for a wheelie bin.


The FIDO unit which is fitted to the back of the unit can actually be modified to fit most ATV's, if you already own an ATV, we can fit our bespoke equipment to it.

Features & Benefits

  • Litter & Faeces Collector
  • Collects Glass &  Sharp Objects
  • Road Legal
  • Turf Friendly
  • One Person Operation
  • Two Seats
  • Collection Both Sides
  • Reversing Alarm
  • Low Maintenance

Bespoke FIDO Solutions - Case Study

The FIDO unit can be fitted and installed onto most utility vehicles creating a bespoke unit for the customers unique requirements. We build and manufacture our machines in our own workshop using our own skilled engineers and fabricators making bespoke solutions for our customers.

We recently took an order from a customer who didn't require the standard Kawasaki utility vehicle we normally use for our FIDO units, instead the customer had already purchased a John Deer utility vehicle and asked Trafalgar to fit the FIDO with the slurry tank to the vehicle. 

Read more in our blog...

FIDO bespoke mounted on John Deer utility vehicle

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Engine Air cooled 4 stroke engine
Displacement cm³ vehicle 401cc/ vac
Carburettor - diaphragm type
Ignition system - electronic
Waste capacity Ltr 100
Vac/hose diameter option mm 125/100
Max speed Mph 20
HAV Vibration level  1.7 m/s²

PDF Brochure Download

PDF Brochure Download


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Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment offers flexible leasing options for financing products. Get in touch and we will advise you free of charge and without obligation. We are your reliable partner when it comes to leasing that is individually tailored to suit your needs. 

Good reasons for lease financing:

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All of the machines we sell come with a warranty, please ask your salesman for more details. We also offer service contracts on all of the machines we sell, please discuss this with your salesman at the time of purchase for more details and prices. Maintenance of your machine will be imperative to the machines longevity in service, so regular maintenance and servicing of your machine is always recommended.


All of the machines we sell are pre-assembled, tested, and pre-run by our engineers before leaving the workshop for dispatch or delivery by your salesman. We do this so that when you receive your machine it is ready to go. Some of our machines do require onsite training and this will be explained and arranged if required at the time of sale by your salesman who will provide you with the required training to operate your new machine.


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