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ECO CITY SANITISER Self-propelled Battery Powered Mobile Sanitation Cart 

The Eco City Sanitiser is available in two formats. You can have the unit with a traditional handle style actuator, push down to go forward or push up to go backwards. You can also opt for the Follow.Me option. The Follow.Me option still has the traditional handle and in addition to this the unit will scan the operator from the waist down then once calibrated it will simply follow that person wherever they go keeping a safe distance from them. The only thing the operator then has to do is hold the lance and spray down. 

The Eco City Sanitiser is a self-propelled battery powered mobile cart that contains a 120ltr tank which when full and mixed with sanitiser can be used to kill potential bacteria build up on the following but not limited to areas;

> Seating areas
> Doors
> Bus Shelters
> Park Benches
> Large wash rooms
> Railings
> Bins 

Unlike pump spray bottles that have to be carried or worn the Eco City Sanitiser has a battery powered pump that will deliver constant spray. There is no manual pumping to be done. It is also possible to run the following through the pump;

> Quaternary Ammonium sanitiser and disinfectant 
> Sodium Hypochlorite
> Hydrogen Peroxide 

Features and benefits



  • 12L liquid tank
  • Jetting lance 
  • Hourmeter 
  • Working LED light 
  • Red rear lights 
  • Flash lamps 
  • Reverse buzzer 
  • Glove compartment lockable 
  • Kit tools 
  • Anti puncture tyres 

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