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The Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner with New & Improved Fan System

Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment has invented a new concept in paddock cleaners to make yard and paddock clearing a more enjoyable task. The Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner is the original paddock cleaner vacuum providing an easy way to pick up your animal Poo, and now with its new improved fan system it is simply the best on the market.

  • It assists in parasite control
  • Improves pasture recovery
  • Cleans better than a wheelbarrow and a shovel

  • The Paddock Cleaner petrol engine creates a vacuum in the large container to offer a powerful suction through the 5 " pick-up hose. The lightweight but rugged construction allows the machine to be easily pulled around the yard or paddock. The Paddock Cleaner can be towed behind to most ATV, ride-on mowers and compact tractors. The Paddock Cleaner perform in any conditions, wet or dry.
  • The Paddock Cleaner Vacuum is powered by a powerful but quiet Honda 4 stroke petrol engine. This 4 stroke engine can produce more suction power than many larger 4 stroke engines. The clean fan system means no muck passes through the fan. The advantages of this design are less chance of blockage, easy to clean, reduced maintenance and wear.
  • You will also find that The Paddock Cleaner has many other uses around the estate. For example, collecting leaves, litter and cleaning water troughs.

    • Now with NEW & Improved Fan System
    • Easy to use 
    • Easy to empty
    • 2 year warranty
    • 5 year bin warranty
    • Low engine noise
    • Picks up in long grass
    • Non corrosive bin
  • Paddock Cleaner FAQ's

    Will my ATV etc. tow it?
    YES - all we need to know is height from ground to two hitch and type (pin/ball)

    I want to change my towing machine.
    We can supply a replacement two bar/ball hitch on request.

    If I buy a hand pull machine, can I change it for a towable?
    YES - a tow hitch kit is available.

    Can I have a longer hose?
    YES, but over 2½ meters is NOT RECOMMENDED.

    Will it pick up from long grass?

    Will it pick up when wet?

    Will it pick up old muck?

    Can I use it in my stable?

    Could I pick up leaves as well?

    Will it pick up water?

    Will it need servicing?
    YES - Servicing can be carried out by any Kawasaki dealer, but most items can be carried out by yourselves from the owner's manual, mainly spark plugs and air filters.

    What is my guarantee?
    2 YEARS, and can be carried out by your local Kawasaki dealer. 5 Year Bin Warranty.

    The engine seems very small?
    Being a 2-stroke engine it revs at twice the speed of a 4-stroke engine. This means the airflow to size of engine is much greater.

    How long does the petrol tank last?
    Between 1 to 2 hours.

    Will I be able to pull the machine by hand?
    YES, but with consideration to the type of environment that it will be used in (hills, paddock size, number of horses).

    Will it be large enough for my needs?
    If not, we can advise on a machine that will be.

    If I have a problem, will you be able to help?
    YES - Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment will be very pleased to know about any problems that you may have, as we want to improve and extend our range of machines.


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