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Eco Gum


The Eco Gum Remover


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This highly portable machine is worn by the operator across their back. Equipped with a clever pump that injects 3ml per second of the solution into the lance, which is the exact amount required to provide a constant source of vaporised solution.

At the point of contact there's a brass brush that when agitated simply disitegrates the gum, all in a few seconds. 

The combination of pressure, heat and cleaning solution means that a wad of gum can be removed in just 3 seconds - one cleaning operative can remove over 1000 pieces of gum per hour. This is more than double the efficiency of the best possible alternative.

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Other benefits

  • No external power source - no trailing leads or generators.
  • Completely silent - cleaning operations can be carried out at night.
  • Portable and safe - cleaning can also be carried out during busy times, generating great positive PR and press coverage.
  • Environmentally friendly - our unique cleaning solution is manufactured from renewable sources and is based on a sugar surfactant rather than oil based making it completely bio-degradable.
  • The cleaning lance has no moving parts - no servicing costs or replacement parts required.
  • The solution, gas and brass brushes are supplied together in a box that contains 2 bottles of gas, 4 bottles of gum solution and 6 brass brushes to allow 8 hours of continuous gum removal.

Removal system

  • No noisy generators And no refuelling
  • No water spray So there's not gallons and gallons of water everywhere
  • No trailing electrical leads or unattended hoses No tripping risk
  • No blowing sand out of joints No rivers of sand and no dislodged and uneven pavers
  • No need to barrier off areas Everything is self-contained in the backpack
  • No damage to surfaces from power-washing No small potholes

About Us

Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment started in 1982 at our new premises in Horsham, West Sussex. We had outgrown our previous units, and have now brought our manufacturing unit, workshop and distributions warehouses under one roof, now totalling over 12,000 square feet.

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